Easy Occupancy Driver

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This driver allows for quick and easy setup of Occupancy for a room to turn lights off when there has been no movement for a defined period.
  • Ramp dimmers to a pre-set level on Occupancy
  • Set an Occupancy Timeout of 1 minute to 1 hour
  • Turn a rooms AV off when Occupancy Timeout is reached
  • Turn Thermostats off on Occupancy Timeout
  • Enable or disable the Occupancy via UI Button


Programming events can be triggered on:

  • When Occupancy Starts
  • When Occupancy Expires
  • When Occupancy Resets
  • When Occupancy Stops
  • When Driver is Enabled
  • When Driver is Disabled


Programming actions:

  • Start, Stop, Restart or Expire the Timer
  • Enable or disable the Driver
  • Change the timeout value in Minutes
  • Change the dimmer(s) ON level value
  • Change the dimmer(s) ON ramp on time in seconds
  • Change the dimmer(s) OFF ramp on time in seconds
  • Enable or disable Switch(es) from activating
  • Enable or disable Thermostat(s) from turning of on Timer Expiry

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Version 20180130

  • Corrected error where the Event did't fire when the driver was Enable or Disabled
  • Changed some logic to better handle sensors that hold occupancy for long periods of time, like ZigBee based sensors.

Version 20171007

  • Initail Release