Easy Occupancy Driver

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Homemation Occupancy Driver

This driver allows for quick and easy setup of Occupancy for a room to turn lights, AV and HVAC off when there has been no movement for a defined period.

  • Ramp dimmers to a pre-set level on Occupancy
  • Set an Occupancy Timeout of 1 minute to 1 hour
  • Turn a rooms AV off when Occupancy Timeout is reached
  • Turn Thermostats off on Occupancy Timeout
  • Enable or disable the Occupancy via UI Button
  • Enable, Disable or Toggle the driver with a Keypad with LED feedback



  • Driver Settings
    • Timer Status: This indicates if the timer started its countdown, stopped for movement or expired
    • Driver State: Is the driver Enabled or Disabled.
  • Keypad Settings
    • Select the LED feedback colours when linked to a keypad
  • Sensor Settings
    • Sensors: Which motion sensors should trigger the Occupancy Timer
    • Timeout [M]: How long after motion is detected should the timer expire
  • Lights Settings
    • Lights: Which lights should be controlled when Occupancy is detected or when the timer expires
    • Dimmer ON Level: What level should the dimmers selected ramp to when Occupancy is detected
    • Dimmer ON Ramp Time [S]: Over what time should the dimmers ramp on by
    • Dimmer OFF Ramp Time [S]: Over what time should the dimmers turn off to when the timer expires
    • Activate Switches: Should switches be turned on or off (Why? If this is used in the early hours of the morning you might not want switches to turn on and only use dimmers at a low level. This can be toggled with a schedule from programming)
  • Thermostat Settings
    • Thermostat(s) Off on Timeout: When the timer expires should the selected thermostats turn off
    • Thermostats: Which thermostats should be turned off when the timer expires
  • AV Settings
    • Room Off on Timeout: Should the rooms selected send a “Room Off” when the timer expires
    • Rooms to Turn AV Off: Which rooms should be turned off when the timer expires



  • Programming events:
    • When Occupancy Starts
    • When Occupancy Expires
    • When Occupancy Resets
    • When Occupancy Stops
    • When Driver is Enabled
    • When Driver is Disabled
  • Programming actions:
    • Start, Stop, Restart or Expire the Timer
    • Enable or disable the Driver
    • Change the timeout value in Minutes
    • Change the dimmer(s) ON level value
    • Change the dimmer(s) ON ramp on time in seconds
    • Change the dimmer(s) OFF ramp on time in seconds
    • Enable or disable Switch(es) from activating
    • Enable or disable Thermostat(s) from turning of on Timer Expiry

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Version 20180803

  • Neatened up the properties page
  • Added keypad connections with colour feedback to enable, disable and toggle the driver state.

Version 20180130

  • Corrected error where the Event did't fire when the driver was Enable or Disabled
  • Changed some logic to better handle sensors that hold occupancy for long periods of time, like ZigBee based sensors.

Version 20171007

  • Initial Release