is a marketplace for making the experience and management of driver software better.

Dealer Benefits

  1. Simple easy database of 3rd party drivers.
  2. Assign and maintain licenses using the DriverCentral cloud driver (Control4 only)
  3. We are control platform agnostic.  We service Control4, Elan and URC 3rd party drivers!  
  4. We do not develop drivers for products.  What this means to you is we, the marketplace, provide access to software drivers and tech support for all the products we distribute.


Developer Benefits

  1. We are a separate company outside of development.  Our mission is to provide an eco-system for all 3rd party developers.  Competition... bring it on!
  2. We provide level 1 tech support for all drivers sold in store.  Using a help desk tracking system including a login for each developer to track and see their personal support tickets
  3. Licensing Software API for license key validation.
  4. Trial and Showroom license support (selectable for each driver)
  5. PayPal adaptive payments integration for fast and accurate driver purchases and payments
  6. Email newsletter/Monthly marketing for products


Manufacture Benefits:

  1.  Get in touch with the best IoT integration developers around.  DriverCentral will help you get in touch with the right developer for the job
  2.  Standard repository for all drivers.  Allows dealers a unique location to make sure the clients homes have your latest driver.
  3.  Free, Per Home or Subscription based driver resale options