How Driver Central Is Improving Its IoT Software Database

by DriverCentral Team

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When it comes to custom IoT software, one of the most significant selling points is diversification. It’s about the endless possibilities you have when making custom changes to your systems.

For this reason, DriverCentral places a big priority on continually updating our database to offer new customization options to dealers. In the past, this has primarily meant expanding our existing ELAN, URC and Control4 driver options.

Now we’re taking that a step further by incorporating two new platforms to the mix: RTI and Q-SYS.

As custom technology experts, we also know how valuable the user experience is. That is why we’ve upgraded our payment options to integrate Stripe.

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Incorporating New Driver Platforms

The most exciting announcement this month is the addition of both RTI and Q-SYS software to our offerings. For dealers who are not familiar with these platforms and are looking for new technology solutions for their systems, we've included a quick overview of both below: 

  • RTI: Founded in 1992, RTI is a leader in the smart control industry through its award-winning handheld and in-wall controllers and apps available for IOS, Android and PC. RTI’s Integration Designer software makes it easy for dealers to customize their projects. They also offer ongoing education and a Partner Program dedicated to integrating RTI products with other systems and devices.
  • Q-SYS: Using a platform based on IEE networking standards, Intel Processing and Linux operating systems, the Q-SYS platform is ideal for IoT software-based feature upgrades. Q-SYS can help with all type of audio, video and automation features including VoIP integration and third-party control.

Stripe Payment Gateway

To make payment processing go as smoothly as possible, we have added another option to process your payment during checkout.

By adding Stripe, which is built specifically for platforms like ours, we can eliminate the issues some of our users were experiencing with PayPal. You can expect stripe to be fully operational for all developers within one week.

If you have any questions about our new RTI and Q-SYS drivers or about our new Stripe payment gateway, you can contact one of our Support Representatives through our support page.

ISE Expo 2018

by DriverCentral Team
Chowmain will be launching several drivers and modules at ISE Expo in Amsterdam this week. If you are there, pop by and check out the latest integration technology.

Chowmain's Kaleidescape Module for URC Total Control 2.0 will be launched at ISE Expo on the URCbooth (1-N15). This module provides two-way ip control including programmable events which you can create the perfect cinema experience at home with. It also provides browsing, searching, and playback of movies via any URC interface with cover art and meta data.

Also at ISE Expo, Chowmain's brand new two-way IFTTT Maker and Oppo Bluray drivers for ELAN core 8.2 on the ELAN booth (1-N50). Add Google Home, Geofencing and more to ELAN now.

Integrated Systems Europe is the world´s largest AV systems integration show. The annual four-day event, takes place at the RAI Amsterdam – The Netherlands, from 6-9 February.

Must-Have Value-Add Drivers - 1/2018

by DriverCentral Team

Offer Your Clients Unique Features Ideal for Project Up-Sells

When you’re designing a smart technology system, it’s all about creating a custom experience for clients. In that sense, it's crucial to integrate personalized features that will add value to your project while enhancing their day-to-day lifestyle.  
For some clients, eco-conscious features are a priority while for others the only focus is convenience. You need to be able to add value to your projects by adapting to these unique needs.
The problem is that the home integration software we work with often isn’t quite as malleable as we’d like it to be.
A cost-effective way to approach this problem is through value-add drivers that make it easy to add features to an existing or newly built system. Below we highlight some of our favorites—both for their practicality and uniqueness—but you can find plenty more on the 
Driver Central website.

Homemation Easy Occupancy Driver – Make your occupancy programming quicker and easier. No need to even venture to the programming section in composer. Select your sensor(s), select your light(s), set the timeout and your done! It is also an experience button so the customer can easily enable and disable the timer from any Navigator.

Advanced Announcements Driver - Gives you futuristic dynamically generated voice announcements over your Control4 system without any additional hardware.  Imagine waking up to the your home telling you the weather or being notified about your next appointment from the speaker's in your home.

Keypad Enhancer - this new driver adds key features to Control4 keypads, such as control of up to three sets of lights with dimming, LED blinking and advanced color control as well as keypad disable (lock-out).

 Garage Agent - Simple and powerful garage door integration using any garage door (more powerful than standard installation)

Site Updates - 12/2017

by DriverCentral Team
Our developers have been hard at work to make DriverCentral even better. We have done a visual overhaul of the whole site, as well as made our knowledgebase live at We aim to make your experience as user friendly as possible. As always we are constantly trying to improve the site. If you see something that you don't like, please let us know and we will be happy to take any features into consideration.