DSC PowerSeries IT-100

*** NEW FEATURES IN V10 ! ***
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  • Supports DSC PowerSeries panels (PC1616, PC1832 and PC1864) using a DSC IT-100 Data Interface Module.
  • A full-featured DriverWorks driver with integrated polling of the DSC panel to ensure continued and reliable communications.
  • Supports all Partitions and Zones handled by the panel connected to the driver.
  • Enhanced security support through a new Security Panel driver fully compatible with OS 2.8 and above. The previous security driver remains available for pre-OS 2.8 systems.
    • Displayed zones selectable by partition.
    • Support for 2-minute special delay when “Quick Exit” is used.
    • Virtual Keypad in user interface (Navigator).
    • Virtual Keypad key presses in programming.
    • Ability to trigger Command Outputs (1 to 4) by partition.
    • Zone types automatically generated from connected devices.
    • New devices provided to supplement the standard sensor devices for full support of new proxy zone types.
  • (New in 10.0.0) Ability to send notifications for key events (Alarms, Arming/Disarming and Troubles).
  • (New in 10.0.0) Ability to turn lights On and flash lights when in Alarm.
  • (New in 10.0.0) Improved History logging of events, available in the Navigator interface.
  • Zone labels are automatically retrieved from the DSC panel.
  • Zone groups allow easy but sophisticated control and programming.
  • Zone groups can trigger Control4 relays for direct control.
  • Supports user names associated with user codes, facilitating programming and e-mailing.
  • Panel Time and Date are updated automatically every 24 hours.
  • Input bindings are available for external Smoke/CO detectors (can accommodate a Nest device, for example).
  • Programming support provided for quick arming and disarming of Partitions (Default User Code entered and kept securely) and to arm in any state.
  • Programming support to activate Emergency modes (Fire, Medical, Panic).
  • Comprehensive set of additional events allowing sophisticated programming, including:
    • “When any Exit Delay starts” and “When any Entry Delay starts”.
    • “When Armed Stay” and “When Armed Away’.
    • “When Disarmed from Stay” and “When Disarmed from Away”.
    • And more…
  • Comprehensive set of additional programming variables, including:
    • Previous Armed state for each partition.
    • Last User number (and name) to Arm/Disarm.
    • Last zone to become Not Ready and last zone to be restored (Ready).
    • And more…
  • Action (“Print Status Report”) to simplify reporting of issues by cut and paste of Lua output in a trouble ticket.
  • Action (“Print Zone Report”) to help in setting up zones and partitions.

Includes the Domosapiens Inter-Devices Facility (DIDF) to allow other drivers to monitor and control individual elements through this driver (see detailed section in this document).  Also included is an IT-100 Communications Tester driver to help in diagnosing communicaitons issues.

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1.0.0     Initial version available from Domosapiens (December 2014).

2.0.0     Addition of a new security panel driver to support the new security interface available with OS 2.8 and above.

2.1.0     Addition of properties for Exit delays, Action to Recreate a zone, a new Zone Management section in this document, issues fixed.

2.2.0     Addition of properties for Entry Delays and Entry Delay 2 Zone Group.

10.0.0   Migration to driverCentral, addition of email notifications, lighting management when in Alarm, improved Log, issues fixed (July 2017).

10.1.0   Added notifications for communications errors (November 2017).