MechoShade IQ485

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 Update (4/2017): There are now two different cloud drivers.  One for 9600 baud, and the other for 19200 baud.  Please use the correct version.  The blind proxy driver will work with either, simply select the correct cloud driver under connections.

The MechoShade driver driver enables a dealer to control multiple shade instances from a single Mecho IQ485 or MechoNet Shade System.  Each instance of the slave driver will allow a dealer to control Up, Down,Presets and Stop.  The driver has also been designed to use group, zone or individual blind controller methods.

There are two use cases:

  • The customer has 12 shades and needs 1 instance on the Control4 interface to control all the shades.  This can be done easily by adding this driver and selecting the proper group to which all the shades are connected.

  • The customer needs 2 instances on the Control4 screen to control each blind/shade.  Just add 2 instances of this driver and select the proper node address.


  • MechoShade IQ485 Gateway (RS232)
  • MechoNet


  • Up, Down, Stop, and Preset 1,2,3 are supported from the main Control4 interface.
  • Under Composer Programming all standard commands are supported and:
    • Reversal On/Off
    • Calibrate
    • N/U Mode toggle
    • Set Preset 1, 2, 3

Driver is provided by Cinegration LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Written by Cinegration 2017

Version: 1001

Control4 Software: 2.9.0 and higher

Updated: July 2017


Baud: 9600


This driver is the main driver used in conjunction with the Shade/Blind (1-way) Driver written by Cinegration.


Purpose: This driver is the main 'cloud' driver that allows the dealer to control multiple shade instances from a single Mecho IQ485 Shade System. 


Setup: After entering the correct Activation Code, Select 'Connections', then choose this driver.  'Bind' the RS232 port to the correct Control4 RS232 port on in the system.  Lastly, add MechoShade Shade/Blind (1-way) Drivers to the system.  Assign the proper Zone, Group and Node Address and test.



This driver has been designed to work with Control4 2.9.0 and higher Systems

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