What is the cloud driver?

driverCentral is all about simplicity through technology.  Therefore, we created the cloud driver for Control4 projects.  This sophisticated driver designed to manage Control4 projects and drivers.  Simply put this driver in and link it with a project token and you are done.  By using a single driver, we gain:


  Software needs to be updated.  From TVs, to AV Receivers, to lighting and HVAC systems.  All devices that connect to the internet need and should be updated to maintain proper levels of security and convenience for the customer.  With the driverCentral cloud driver, a dealer can manage their premium drivers from anywhere in the world, without Control4 Composer!  Log into driverCentral's License Portal and see in real time the version of every driver from the marketplace.  Driver needs to be updated?  Just click the Force Update button and let the cloud driver know that you would like to update that driver automatically.  Simple as that.


  No more entering and tracking licenses for projects.  Using driverCentral's License Portal allows a dealer to manage the software licenses they have purchased.  Changing a Control4 HC800 to a EA-5?  No problem, on the site press Change Controller and all the software connected to that project will get automatically moved to the new controller.

Email Notifications:

  Not sure if you put that license into the project on Friday?  driverCentral will send you an email automatically when you've got 24 hours left.  You will even get an email when the project hasn't connected to the internet in 24 hours!  Now isn't that nice ;)


Here is a layout of the projects page